Class B RV With Pop Up Roof – 5 Awesome Options

Pop up roof opened on van

A Class B RV is the smallest type of motorhome that you can purchase. Also known as a camper van, a Class B RV is often ideal for one or two people but can get very tight for any more than that. These types of motorhomes are great for easy maneuverability and being able to travel without being intimidated by the size of the rig.

Many of these RVs are small and in order to provide more space, some manufacturers of these motorhomes have added pop-up roofs. These pop-up roofs extend upwards, giving you more room to walk around and oftentimes, more room for extra bedding or sleeping areas.

A pop-top can be a very welcome addition to a van that is already small. It can give you a dedicated place to sleep and stay while providing a nice view while camping higher up. Many of these pop-up roofs have screen windows all around giving you panoramic views of whatever location you are camping in.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular models on the market today. These models listed below offer an awesome camping experience and also allow for the added feature of the pop-up roof.

1. Pleasure-Way Tofino

MSRP: $70,850

The Pleasure-Way is a four-season, stealthy camper van that offers all that you would want in a high-quality Class B motorhome. It has a very low profile and utilizes a low-roof van built on the Ram Promaster chassis.

The benefit of this low-roof van is that it doesn’t look the part of a motorhome until the pop-top is raised. This means that as you drive around and park in various locations, you will probably not be noticed. People won’t recognize that you are in a Class B RV until you have popped the roof.

This RV is on the shorter side at 17 feet, 9 inches feet long. It can carry up to 2000 pounds of occupancy weight so it will hold quite a bit of gear and human weight for such a small RV.

The interior of this coach is quite roomy, even when the roof is down. There is plenty of room to move around and perform regular tasks such as cooking, eating, and lounging. A person of average height will have no problems moving around in the living space provided.

Upon opening the rooftop, you are presented with an area with additional headroom where you can stand up straight. This additional headroom is positioned in the kitchen area of the van which makes it easier to stand up and perform cooking duties as well as perform other dreaded responsibilities such as cleaning and washing dishes.

The rooftop has gas struts which makes it very simple to open. It practically opens on its own once you release the latches that hold it in place.

The top contains a large sleeping area that can accommodate multiple people. It is a great location for children and also has ventilation on each side. This additional sleeping area allows you to travel with more people and also allows you to have an additional area for sleeping.

The material of the pop-up roof is made from Sunbrella which is a durable outdoor material that can withstand the weather. This material is often found in outdoor furniture and is made to last through bad weather situations. It is also less prone to fading from the harmful UV sun rays.

This van provides everything you need in a minimalistic package. The two swivel seats in the front allow you to increase the living space and turn the small van into a much larger space.

For sleeping, the rear jackknife sofa can be turned into a bed or the top bedding area can be used. There is plenty of sleeping room in the van.

If you are looking for a popup roof on a van, the Pleasure-Way Tofino is a great, affordable option that you will be happy with if you are looking for a small Class B van. It’s a great van for stealth camping or dry camping and will be a winner for those looking to boondock but don’t need the huge amount of space found in much larger RVs.

One negative about this van is that it doesn’t come with an installed roof fan. A roof fan can make a huge difference in being able to stay cool in warm weather. You’ll need to install this yourself if you want this included in the van.

Read more about how I installed the Maxxair roof fan in my van.

2. Winnebago Solis

MSRP: $100,667

The Winnebago Solis is a van that is new for 2020 and offers a large-sized Class B motorhome with a pop-top. Similar to the Tofino above, the Solis also utilizes the Ram Promaster except this one is built on the high roof version. When you throw the pop-top onto it, you have a van with a great second sleeping area that can accommodate children or adults.

The van itself provides a spacious living area without the pop-top so you never really have to use it if you don’t want. It comes in handy by providing an additional sleeping area or as your primary sleeping area. By utilizing the popup roof as your sleeping area, you open the rest of the van up to being a large living area.

The pop-top contains a sleeping area along with vented windows. It’s roomy and comfortable and makes a great place to spend the night on a nice night.

The van contains all of the living amenities that you would expect from an RV like this. A spacious dining area along with swivel seats opens up the area and makes use of all the space contained in the van interior.

The living space is opened up and allows for using the space to haul items rather than just using it for an RV. It has a full pass through that runs the entire length of the van. The rear bed folds down and it has a wet bath with a cassette toilet.

The Solis is a great option for those looking for a lot of space in an RV with the additional benefit of having a pop-top. If you have children that you travel with, the Solis provides extra sleeping space as well as four, seat-belted seating areas when traveling.

3. Corado Axion Studio

MSRP: $85,000+

Here, we have another Class B RV that is built on the Ram Promaster van. The Axion Studio is similar in size to the Pleasure-Way Tofino since both are built on the Promaster 1500 and have a total length of 17 feet, 9 inches.

Overall, this RV has a nice layout and is fairly spacious for a van of such a small size. The upper sleeping area in the pop up roof is similar to the other options and offers a large, comfortable area to sleep with windows that are vented for maximum airflow.

The RV contains all of the areas that you’ve come to expect and has a large lounge area that doubles as a sleeping area when it’s time for bed.

The aluminum ladder allows you to climb up into the top bed for a fun night of sleep with a view.

One of the disadvantages of this van is that it only contains 3-point seatbelts in the front driver and passenger seats. If you have children that travel with you, you’ll probably need to leave them at home since there is no safe place for them to buckle in.

4. Modvans CV1

MSRP: $85,000+

The Modvans CV1 is built on the Ford Transit chassis and features a large pop-top roof. Without the roof popped open, it is a low-roof so you won’t have as much room to move around when it is closed. The pop-top really opens up the area and gives you a lot of space to move around.

The headroom with the added pop-top is great for taller people or those who feel a little claustrophobic in small spaces.

The added pop-top can provide additional headroom when using the van interior and it can also provide a sleeping area when it’s time to call it quits for the day.

The comfortable pop-top bed gives you 360-degree views of the area around you and provides a space with airflow through the screened windows.

This RV is great for stealth camping because it doesn’t look like an RV. It looks like a standard, low-roof van that could pass for a standard work van. However, the interior includes a living area that gives you all you need in a modern RV.

Overall, the van is small and when the roof is closed, the living space might feel a bit cramped. It’s great for one or two people but might get tight if you have additional people traveling with you. It does contain additional seating with seatbelts so you can travel with four people if needed.

5. Sportsmobile Classic 4×4

The Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 is the ultimate off-road, adventure RV for those looking to get away from it all. It’s built on a custom Ford Econoline chassis. This van is built to get you off the road and into locations that you might not be able to get to otherwise.

The living space isn’t going to be as luxurious as what you might find from other Class B RVs but it provides all that one could need. It’s complete with a kitchen, sleeping area, sitting area and has a solar system that will allow you to stay off the grid for an extended period of time.

This is more of a van that is made for camping short periods of time but may not be the best choice for living in or longer stays.

The penthouse top is the pop-top that adds additional space to the top of the van. It allows you to stand up fully and walk around in the van. It can also be set up as a bed for a sleeping area similar to the other vans listed above.

When the pop-top is opened, the space really becomes opened up. The screened windows allow for maximum views and airflow.

One thing is for sure, the van is a cool looking rig. It screams adventure and you are sure to turn some heads when driving this beast around. It’s great for those who want an off-road RV and something a bit different than the regular offerings on the market.

This RV will take you to places where you can camp in areas away from the crowd. Get off the beaten path and enjoy nature knowing that you can go nearly anywhere you want with this off-road machine.

Why A Pop-Top?

As you can see from the vans above, a pop-top provides a great additional living space to a van. Not only that, but it also allows for a taller interior, making it more comfortable to move around. A pop-top is great for small families since the top sleeping area often provides a perfect escape for children.

They can sleep in their own space while the main sleeping area in the van living space can be reserved for the adults or vice versa.

There are benefits to having a pop-top but one reason you might not want one would be the inconvenience. It might be a bit inconvenient if you are traveling, making quick stops. If you have a low roof van, you’ll have to move about the van hunched over unless you want to take the time to raise the roof.

This isn’t usually a difficult task so it is certainly doable. The problem is that it draws attention to you and may not be the best solution for enjoying time in your van while in a parking lot.

Besides that one negative aspect, a pop-top can create a great experience and provide you with a useful addition that will make your journey more pleasurable.

Add A Pop Top To A Conversion Van

Van with roof popped open

If you don’t want to spend the money on a motorhome that already has a pop-up roof, you can always add one to a van you may already have. Most modern vans can be customized with a pop-top and this would allow you to enjoy the same benefits as you would enjoy from the five Class B RVs mentioned above.

Companies like Colorado Camper Van and Sportsmobile can provide an option for you to add this feature to your van. Expect to pay between $10,000 and $15,000 for having a pop-top added to a van.

Although this can be a great option for those seeking to add a pop-up roof on a current van that they have, it can be an additional cost to consider. It may end up being just as affordable and much more convenient to find a used Class B RV for sale that already has one.

Final Thoughts

A pop-up roof can be a great addition to a van, especially for tall people or those who need a second sleeping space. Families can benefit from a setup like this since it gives them more space while keeping the footprint of the vehicle small.

Sleeping in a pop-up on top of the roof can be a fun experience and similar to sleeping in a tent that is off the ground. Although in the summer months, sleeping in a pop-up roof area may not give you the best experience since it can get stuffy.

The five motorhomes outlined above are great options that are currently on the market. If you are looking for a small RV that is easy to drive but contains the added space of having the additional pop-up roof, these options are worth considering.

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