11 Must-See Class B RVs Under 20 Feet

Small Class B RV with bikes on back traveling down the road

Class B RVs are the smallest class of drivable RVs that you can own. However, some of them can extend to lengths that make them less nimble than one might desire. If you are looking for a smaller Class B motorhome, it’s good to stay under 20 feet in total exterior length. Many would consider this length to be perfect for staying small enough to make traveling easy while providing plenty of living space.

In this article, we’ll look at 11 great options of Class B RVs that come in below 20 feet in total length. These include the following:

ManufacturerModelTotal Length
Pleasure-WayTofino17′ 9″
ThorRIZE17′ 11″
StoryTeller OverlandClassic MODE 4X419′ 5″
Pleasure-WayAscent TS19′ 5″
RoadtrekSS Agile19′ 5″
AirstreamInterstate 1919′ 5″
Pleasure-WayREKON 4×419′ 5″
WinnebagoRevel19′ 7″
RoadtrekSimplicity SRT19′ 7″
Pleasure-WayOntour 2.019′ 8″
ThorSanctuary19′ 8″

While all of these options are below 20 feet in total length (bumper to bumper), some of them come with a steep price tag. It’s the price you have to pay for such a convenient package that allows you to live life to the fullest. Total length is the main concern of this list and these are 11 great options currently on the market that fit the bill. Let’s look closer at each model.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list but serves to outline some of the best options you’ll find if you are in the market for an RV of this size. The list is ordered from shortest to longest in total length.

1. Pleasure-Way Tofino

Total Length: 17′ 9″

The most affordable Class B on our list is the Pleasure-Way Tofino. This RV is built on the RAM Promaster chassis and the 2022 model has an MSRP of $78,650.

This small motorhome has a pop-up roof for extra room. The overhead bunk area creates another sleeping space and gives additional height to the van allowing you to move around more comfortably within the living space. The design of the interior is simple, clean, and functional.

The Tofino is a great van for someone who wants a small RV that can travel around easily. It is not only the shortest RV on our list but also the most affordable option that you will find on the market. The van utilizes a low roof design but the pop-top gives additional height to the van once you are parked and set up.

It features all of the necessities that you would expect including a kitchen with induction stove, sofa area that converts to a queen-size bed, a lounge area via the front swivel seats, and plenty of storage.

Overall, this is a great small RV that has the uniqueness of the pop-top with an overhead bunk. You’ll have no trouble driving it anywhere you want to go.

Learn more about the Pleasure-Way Tofino

2. Thor RIZE

Total Length: 17′ 11″

The RIZE is a very small Class B motorhome that is built on the RAM Promaster chassis. At just under 18 feet in total length, you’ll have no problems maneuvering this RV around. You won’t have to worry about parking or feel intimidated when driving it. However, just because it is one of the shortest RVs on this list, doesn’t mean the living space is cramped. It is actually well designed and has a living space that won’t leave you feeling cramped.

This motorhome features a super comfy lounge/dining area and also includes two front swivel seats. The lounge area converts to a bed and is plenty roomy enough for two people. A van this size needs some creativity for it to work out and they have done a great job at setting this interior up for an enjoyable living experience.

It’s available in two floor plans with the 18M featuring a bathroom and the 18T excluding this feature. Both come standard with 190 watts of solar on the roof.

Both floor plans are very affordable with the 18T starting at $76,000 and the 18M starting at $84,375.

Visit manufacturer’s website.

3. StoryTeller Overland Classic MODE 4X4

Total Length: 19′ 5″

The Classic MODE 4×4 from StoryTeller Overland is an off-road machine that happens to have a nice living space! It comes in at just under 20 feet so the small size of the van helps it to go places that larger ones can’t.

The Classic MODE has a simple, rugged interior designed for those who choose functionality over style. The roof rack adds a nice usable area on the top of the van for extra storage or a place to sit and enjoy the views.

Like most Class B motorhomes, you’ll find all the essentials included for a comfortable stay while on the road. Perhaps the most unique feature of this RV is the indoor shower. This creative design allows you to store the shower away when not in use and then turn it into a full-sized shower when ready. You can take a shower with you wherever you go and it won’t take up any room in your living space.

The Classic MODE 4×4 has a starting MSRP of $157,747.

Visit manufacturer’s website.

4. Pleasure-Way Ascent TS

Total Length: 19′ 5″

The Ascent TS is a small van at 19 feet and 5 inches long. It’s built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis and gives you a luxury experience in a small space. It’s small in size but contains features that you can only expect in premium RVs. It has an electric power sofa and bed configuration. This sofa converts to a queen bed electrically making it easy for you to go from sofa to bed with only the touch of a button.

Also has a hidden pull-out pantry so that storing your food will be easy. This is a nice feature in such a small RV.

It does contain a wet bath which includes a sink with a faucet and a shower. With a wet bath like this, you are forced to take a shower in the same room that the toilet is in. Some people like this but others find it difficult to manage.

However, if you are expecting these types of luxurious features in a Class B RV, it is often compromises like this that you will need to make peace with. This RV comes in at an MSRP of $155,805. It’s quite a price to pay but if you are looking to go small and have premium features with a well-thought-out layout, this is the price you will have to pay.

Visit manufacturer’s website.

5. Roadtrek SS Agile

Total Length: 19′ 5″

Coming in at a whopping $173,040 the SS Agile has a total length of 19 feet 5 inches and is built on the Mercedes sprinter chassis. This RV features 330 W of solar power to charge your batteries when you are Boondocking. It has a convertible sofa that converts to a king-size bed or it can also be converted to twin beds.

It can sleep up to three people and has an optional folding mattress that can accommodate the third person. The van features a spacious living area that is open from front to rear when the couch and dining area are set up.

It features an indoor wet shower and also an outdoor shower for those times that you need to wash off before entering the van.

This is a great option for someone who wants a premium experience in a convenient, small package. If you have the money to spend, you’ll be camping in style!

Visit manufacturer’s website.

6. Airstream Interstate 19

Total Length: 19′ 5″

Airstream is known for its high-quality campers and the Interstate Nineteen is no different. It has the same build quality you’ve come to expect from this manufacturer. This small, nimble Class B motorhome has all you need for a comfortable getaway into the great outdoors.

With 19′ 5″ of overall length, you’ll be able to drive it anywhere and park in nearly any parking space.

It’s built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis so you can expect a high-quality, comfortable driving experience. Once you get parked, you’ll enjoy a roomy lounge area, a kitchen, a wet bath, and a nice comfortable bed. It’s a well-thought-out floor plan that maximizes space while maintaining a pleasant look.

Of course, it does come with a high price tag with an MSRP of $176,098.

Visit manufacturer’s website.

7. Pleasure-Way REKON 4×4

Total Length: 19′ 5″

A small Class B RV designed to take you off the grid and keep you there! This 4×4 van is for those looking to remain small and nimble while being able to traverse landscapes in the wilderness. With a 19′ 5″ Mercedes chassis, you’ll be ready to hit the road and go wherever your heart desires.

You’ll enjoy a large amount of solar capabilities with this van. With 400 Watts of solar panels on the roof that charge 400Ah of lithium batteries, you’ll have plenty of power for spending time off the grid. To go with that, you’ll have 40 gallons of fresh water at your disposal that will sustain you for long periods of time.

The van opens up when the bed is folded up so that you can store larger items or just have more space to walk through. It’s another van that has a simple and minimal layout but is functional for the adventure traveler.

The MSRP for this van is $171,600.

Visit manufacturer’s website.

8. Winnebago Revel

Total Length: 19′ 7″

The Winnebago Revel features an on-demand 4WD that can take you to places you wouldn’t be able to go with other RVs. It’s a compact Class B RV that packs a lot into its small footprint. It has all the necessities that you could expect from an RV of this size with premium features such as a power lift bed and 250 amp hours of batteries so that you can spend lots of time off the grid.

You’ll find a wet bath for keeping yourself clean while you are enjoying the outdoors. It also features a continuous water heater that will allow you to enjoy a hot shower no matter where you are.

It comes with a steep price tag with an MSRP of $193,272. If you are looking for a small RV that has it all, the Revel would be a great choice.

Visit manufacturer’s website.

9. Roadtrek Simplicity SRT

Total Length: 19′ 7″

The Roadtrek is another Class B RV built on the RAM Promaster 2500 Chassis. It uses the 159″ wheelbase model and comes in at just under 20 feet in total length. It uses the same chassis that I used for my van build and this is a great size if you want to remain nimble and fit easily into parking spots.

This RV features a fixed bed which isn’t seen as often in a small RV like this. Rather than having to convert the bed from a lounge area or vice versa, the bed is always in place and ready to use. It also comes with ample storage underneath the queen size bed.

It also has a wet bath so you can stay clean on the road. Many people don’t care for having a shower in something of this size but I wouldn’t be without mine.

Visit manufacturer’s website.

10. Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.0

Total Length: 19′ 8″

MSRP $136,305

The Ontour 2.0 is similar to the Ascent TS but it is a tiny bit longer. At 19 feet 8 inches, it adds three more inches to the total length of the Ascent TS. This RV is set up almost identical to the ascent TS but it is built on the Ford Transit chassis rather than the Mercedes Sprinter. It uses gasoline rather than diesel and comes in at a lower MSRP of $136,305.

This RV has a huge amount of headroom at 78 inches tall. This is plenty of room for those who are taller than average. It can accommodate someone comfortably that is 6 feet 5 inches. Similar to the Ascent TS, the Ontour 2.0 also has an electric sofa that converts to a queen-size bed.

It also features a wet bath, swivel seats, and all of the other essentials that you would expect in a capable class B RV. It also features rear and side screen doors to keep all of those pesky bugs out which is a great additional feature to have. I know that having the bug screen on my van has been one of my favorite upgrades. It has made the experience much more pleasurable out on the road.

Visit manufacturer’s website.

11. Thor Sanctuary

Total Length: 19′ 8″

The Thor Sanctuary is a capable 4×4 RV that has a small footprint. It is built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis and is designed to take you off the road. There are two floor plans to choose from with the 19L having a fixed bed and the 19P having a convertible bed/lounge area.

Both floor plans include a wet bath so you’ll be able to keep clean without leaving the van. However, the bathroom is quite small so larger people will have a difficult time with it.

It comes standard with 190W of solar on top that will help keep your 400Ah of batteries charged.

The MSRP for the 19P is $148,680 and the MSRP for the 19L is $151,060.

Visit manufacturer’s website.


Finding a class B RV below 20 feet in total length is quite easy. With more and more people choosing to downsize and make do with smaller spaces, manufacturers are taking hold of the trend. There are plenty of them on the market if you are willing to pay the hefty price that they often demand. Of course, you can usually buy these motorhomes for less than the MSRP.

While these class B motorhomes demand a premium price, they come with so many benefits. The small size may take some getting used to but being so flexible in your travel is the main benefit. With less than 20 feet of total length, you will simply blend in with other vehicles rather than requiring additional space and driving consideration like you would a much larger RV. This benefit alone is why I like class B RVs over other types.

While other types of motorhomes will give you more space, staying under 20 feet will make it seem as though you are in a standard vehicle and make it so much easier when deciding where to go, which roads to take, and places to park for the night.

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