Van Conversion Dining Area Images

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My dining area is in the front of the van and will make use of the seats that swivel in the front. I haven’t installed the driver side swivel yet but I have installed the passenger. The area has a pantry for food storage, a bottom cabinet and a banquet bench that I custom built.

Framing for van pantry

The area turned out to be a nice dining area that faces out the side door for some amazing views. I have lots of storage between the pantry, bottom cabinet and the banquet bench. I purchased the cushions at Ballard Designs to fit the bench perfectly.

Bench in van
Bench with cushions

I installed the Lagun Table Mount for my table. This is installed out of the way on the side of the banquet bench and the table swivels around to were you can use the bench or the passenger swivel seat.

Vertical view of dining area