8 Reasons Why Camping Is Good For the Soul

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Camping is a great way to escape the technology-obsessed world we live in. There’s something about disconnecting from our phones, TVs, and computers to reconnect with nature that feels really good. You’ll get to unwind from the stress of your daily routine while surrounded by some of the best views and natural beauty this planet has to offer: forests, lakes, mountains — there’s no place like home!

I consider the occasional camping trip to be an absolute necessity. After staring at computer screens all day and being involved in such a fast-paced society, it is nice to disconnect for a little bit in order to spend time in nature. This is good for the soul and does wonders for your mental health. Sometimes we all just need to get away and live a simpler life. If you are struggling in your day-to-day, I would highly recommend a camping trip.

There’s a reason why so many people LOVE camping! Even though you may have to get your hands dirty and go without a bath for a few days, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction you’ll get after the completion of a real camping trip. It refreshes your mind and is good for your soul.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why Camping Is Good For the Soul:

1. You Can Disconnect From Technology and Interact With Others

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Camping is a great way to leave the busy world behind. Rather than scrolling through your social media feed or being on your phone all day, you get to interact with people around you and take in all the sights and sounds of the outdoor world. It is refreshing to be in touch with your surroundings and take the time to really experience nature and the community of others.

This allows you to breathe and slow down a bit rather than being consumed by technology. You can put your phone and other technological devices away and take a bit of a break from it all. When you are camping, depending on what part of the country you are in, there might not even be any cell phone signal. This is a great excuse to leave it all behind and let nature itself be your entertainment.

Of course, this only works if you make a concerted effort to avoid picking up your phone or connecting to the internet. This is time for you to take care of yourself rather than focusing on liking someone else’s status updates. It’s a time to take in the sights and sounds and to really connect with the beautiful nature around you.

This doesn’t mean that you can not use technology at all but if you expect to be refreshed on your camping trip, you should at least find a balance. Give yourself a few minutes a day with it and the rest of the time can be spent on soul-refreshing activities.

2. You Get To Experience a Beautiful Natural Environment

Camping often puts you in the middle of nature the way it was meant to be unless you find yourself in a crowded RV park. In this case, you may just have to pretend or opt for a location in the RV park that is more private and closer to nature (if available).

When off the beaten path, you can’t help but notice the complexity and magnificence of nature. It’s a meal for the soul that we all need to partake in.

It’s this type of trip that has you coming back home feeling more peaceful and in touch with what really matters.

Camping is often a soul awakening experience because you are in the woods or mountains where you can look up to the sky and see nothing but the stars. If you are fortunate enough to be in a location not affected by city light pollution, you will be amazed at the number of stars that fill the sky.

You have time for reflection and what better way to reflect than in this type of environment? It really puts life in perspective and gives you the opportunity to think about the things you value most in life.

I often hear lots of noises when at my home. From factories to trains to distant freeways, the noises are all around. Sometimes it makes me want to get away. Getting away allows me to have some quiet time, listening to a river flow, birds chirp, or other animals living happily. It’s a beautiful experience that re-energizes me and makes my soul feel a bit more complete.

3. Camping Allows You to Forget About Work for a While

Man at office desk with head in hands

By taking a few days off and spending time away from your normal work routine, you may just be able to find new inspiration that helps to heal your soul. A break from work can be exactly what you need in order to go back refreshed and recharged!

Who wants to work all the time? Many people do and experience burnout and health problems because they are always focused on work. After a while, you may start to wonder why anything even matters. If life is all about work and earning a paycheck then what’s the point?

I’ve been through this myself and is one of the reasons I converted my camper van. It’s a vehicle for me to get away when I need a much-needed recharge.

Camping allows you to get away and escape a mundane routine. You may even find that you don’t need more than a day or two in the wilderness to recharge your mind.

4. It Encourages Happiness and Playfulness

People take life too seriously! With all the work that has to be done, bills that need paying, worries that need to be considered, and so on, we tend to forget who we are and what is important. We get lost in the shuffle of life – until a trip away from it all sets us straight.

We only get one chance at this life and to waste it working and being so serious all the time is just ridiculous!

Camping is an escape from the structured way of life. It’s unstructured time that allows you to find yourself again and not just be consumed by the 9-5 routine that eats up your life. It allows you to be a kid again. It’s a time to play and enjoy your time away. Your worries can wait while you head off into the woods and search for a fun time. Your soul needs this!

5. It Allows You to Try Something New

If you have never been out in the wilderness on a camping trip, you need to try it. It makes you feel alive and adventurous. When life gets mundane, it’s good to change the schedule up a bit and do things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. There is nothing like camping to change it up a bit.

This is especially true for those who have never even been camping before. Camping requires you to think differently, solve problems differently and solve them on the spot.

If you have experienced camping at a younger age but life has gotten in the way and you just haven’t gotten around to it again, you are in need of a trip. It’s good for the soul to do something new and different. It’s good to push yourself to do something that may be out of your comfort zone.

6. Camping Promotes Mindfulness

You’ve probably heard about all the benefits of mindfulness. Numerous books have outlined just how important it is to be present in the moment. Self-help gurus have educated us on the benefits of this great tool for true happiness. It helps us to live in the present rather than the past or future. We’ve heard how it can slow down the aging process, improve our health, and even how it can change our perspective on life.

This is because being mindful means you are living in that moment. You aren’t allowing yourself to be consumed by thoughts of regrets – or what if’s – you are accepting what is happening right then and there and embracing it for what it is.

Mindfulness can be hard to do if you are always in the same places and lifestyle. Getting away, seeing new sites, and breathing new air allows you to focus on the moment and what you are experiencing.

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be difficult and can be an amazing experience when you take the time to see what your senses are telling you. Just observing the nature around you and putting all your thoughts on that is an easy way to be mindful in the moment.

Since camping will help you to clear the technological noise from your life, you’ll have plenty of time for this practice.

7. You’ll Be In the Great Outdoors Breathing Fresh Air

There is a quote that I love that is written in chalk on my chalkboard in my van:

Escape and breathe the air of new places

Chalkboard in van with quote

This quote reminds me of how important it is to get away and breathe new air from new places. The sights and changes in the atmosphere can change your perspective on life. After a few days of smelling the fresh air of the outdoors, you may come back home with a renewed sense of purpose.

I recently spent four days parked by a flowing river in my camper van. I had all I needed but was far away from civilization. It was so nice to breathe the fresh air and hear the sounds of nature, and nothing more. There were no cars, factories, or other city sounds. It was an amazing experience that left me well-rested and renewed.

If you have the chance to get off the beaten path and get to a location where you can experience life without common noises and pollutants, you’ll see just what I mean.

8. Camping Gives You Time to Explore Hobbies or Spend Time Reading and Learning

Spending time camping leaves you with time on your hands to learn something new. Even if you don’t like reading, it’s a great way to spend your time off from work. You can get away, pick up a book or magazine and just get lost in it. If that isn’t enough, you can try to learn a new hobby or skill.

I recently started to learn to sketch. While camping by the river mentioned above, I was able to test my skills and try to sketch some of my surroundings. The result of the finished product was nothing to be proud of. However, the process of actually doing it was priceless. It allowed me to explore my interests while also being mindful in the moment.

It’s similar to the photography that I do which is also a mindful experience for me. I focus on a composition with my camera and am mindful of only that until I capture what I am looking for.

It may be something else for you that piques your interest but whatever it is, camping affords you a peaceful environment in which to pursue it.

Beyond hobbies, a good book is a great way to learn new things and help heal your soul. While not everyone loves reading, it is an activity that helps pass the time in a relaxing leisurely manner. You can bring books to read while you are on a camping trip and allow yourself to get lost in a story or to learn new things that may help to awaken your soul.


Many of us have soul-crushing jobs that make our lives miserable. A good camping trip can help you to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life once again. You can learn how to truly connect with nature again by taking a camping trip. It can be a great way to get away from your monotonous life for a brief period of time.

You may come back with a renewed sense of meaning and determination to change some things about your life. Your soul needs to be taken care of and camping is just one of the ways to help do this.

Dan Collins

I consider myself an outdoor enthusiast. I love to travel and go to places that most people don't get a chance to go. I want to see it all and live life to the fullest while I'm alive. My camper van is helping me to do just that. I write about my experiences to help inspire others to do the same.

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