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Hi, I’m Dan.

I’ve always had an itch for adventure. From as early as I can remember, I wanted to leave my small town and travel to see the sights of the world and experience other cultures.

After serving in the Marine Corps and doing just that, the itch just got bigger and bigger. During my time in the service, I was able to travel the world and visit many different countries. I was able to see things that I had only dreamed of as a child. It was an experience that I just didn’t want to end!

After my active service in the Marine Corps ended, I went to college and then settled into a 9-to-5 job like many people do and began living a boring existence. Working for one of the largest Camping and RV Dealers in the USA, I spent many unhappy years staring at a cubicle wall only dreaming about adventures I wanted to take someday.

There came a point when I was fed up and I decided it was time to move on and enjoy the lifestyle myself! The corporate life nearly drove me crazy! Fortunately, I had built an online business that allowed me to take the leap to a life of freedom! It was then that I began the search for an RV that would lead me on new adventures around the USA.

Rather than purchasing a ready-made RV, I settled on creating my own. I’m a DIYer and love the challenge of creating something exactly the way I want it. Besides that, it’s much cheaper converting your own van and the satisfaction you get after it’s all done is icing on the cake!

Camper Van Conversion

I custom built my van from start to finish and ended up with a fully-functioning home on wheels. It has taken me to many places but I am only getting started. I have a whole bucket list of places and hope to use my van to check a lot of them off the list.

I created this website to document my progress and help others who may be on the same journey. If I can contribute at least one idea or fix for your van conversion, then the website is doing its job. I also hope to inspire others to take that trip they’ve been putting off or do something a little outside the box.

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I have written many blog posts about the exact steps I took during my van conversion. With detailed instructions and pictures to help you accomplish the same. You can read my most recent posts by clicking on the images below.

You can also view all posts I wrote during my van conversion here.

Beyond my initial van conversion, I’m always tinkering and improving areas that I didn’t get right the first time around. After all, converting a van is a learning experience for an amateur and only time spent living in one will give you insights into improvements that can be made.

Recent Van Conversion Posts


Dan Collins on beach
Enjoying the sunrise at the Atlantic Ocean

My van was not just a fun project to work on but something that I use to travel with. It’s great to have a little home-on-wheels that you can drive anywhere you want. It makes traveling easier and it makes for a more comfortable ride for myself, my wife, and our small dog.

I enjoy landscape photography and my van is a tool that I use to travel to some amazing destinations.

Traveling in a camper van makes life so much easier! It’s just so convenient to hop in the van and get on the road. You can go anywhere, park anywhere, take a nap along the way, use the toilet, make a meal, coffee, or other drink, while never leaving the vehicle.

I truly miss this convenience when not traveling in the van. While I don’t live full-time in my van, It’s the perfect setup for the type of traveling that I do.

It has taken me to mountains, oceans, deserts, woodlands, and everywhere in between. As mentioned earlier, I’m just getting started and hope to travel in it for many years to come.


I enjoy writing and the Camper Van Traveler blog gives me a great way to share my experiences throughout my journeys. It’s a way for me to document my experiences for reference and also a great way to share that information with others. I hope you’ll find my blog posts helpful and enjoy reading them.

It’s Not Just About the Camper Van.

Although I do write about various topics on my camper van and class B RVs in general, I’m also an avid outdoorsman so write about general outdoor topics as well. Beyond camper van topics, you will also find topics about hiking, biking, outdoor survival, and other general outdoor topics. All of the topics I write about center around the outdoor lifestyle and might appeal to those who are interested in RV travel or camping.

I also write reviews from time to time and all of the reviews you find on this blog are real and honest. I only write reviews on products I own and have put to the test.

You can read some of my latest blog posts below.

What about you?

If you are on the fence about whether to convert a van or purchase a van or other type of RV, hopefully, my blog will help to inspire you to make an informed decision.

Do you long to see places beyond your backyard?
Do you have a bucket list of places you’d like to travel to?
Experiences you’d like to have?

You only have ONE life to make it happen.

What option do we have?

Do we wait until we are in our 60’s when we are finally able to retire and live these adventures?

What if our health is failing or has failed too much to take the trip when we come to that age?

What if we spend our whole lives working for paychecks and never get to live?

I lie awake at night thinking of such things. It’s questions like these that prompted me to take on the challenge of converting a van and getting on the road to enjoy life while I still can. I know that we only have limited time on this earth and life isn’t meant to be spent in offices or jobs all day for the majority of our lives.

I still work but I own various internet businesses that allow me to work anywhere in the world.

Life is meant to be enjoyed as well. For me, a camper van is a perfect way to scratch the adventure itch that I have.