Hi, I’m Dan.

Dan Collins sitting in door of camper van

I’ve always had an itch for adventure.  From as early as I can remember, I wanted to leave my small town and travel to see the sights of the world and experience other cultures.  

After serving in the Marine Corps, that itch just got bigger and bigger.  It’s difficult to travel around the world, meet people of all cultures, see things you never thought you’d see…and then come back to a small town and settle down.

Although that is precisely what I did.  

Unfortunately for me, that hasn’t been the healthiest option.

In fact, it’s been quite miserable.  It’s not that I don’t like where I live, it’s just that I also like to have an option that will allow me the freedom to get away when I need to.

Although I have built a great career for myself and am very grateful for my life, I sometimes sit in my office and look out the window longing for more.  

I think about the ONE LIFE I have and what I may be missing out on.  I often think of the things I’ll do “someday.”  

– Someday…when I have the time, I’ll take the trip across the country.  
– Someday…I’ll go to the west coast and drive the entirety of the pacific coast highway.  
– Someday…I’ll drive out to the Grand Canyon, sleep under the stars with my dog by my side.
– The list goes on and on and on…

I dream of seeing sunrises and sunsets at some of the places I’ve always longed to go.  As an amateur photographer, I want to experience the beauty that this world has to offer.   

I love to hike and I long to be in nature and to spend more time seeing the magnificent sights of this world.  

In this sense, I’m no different than most people.  We all long for more whether we admit it or not.  The clock is ticking for all of us and we only have so much time on this Earth in order to see and do all that we can.

Yes, I’m a dreamer.  What may be different about me is that I am also goal-oriented and instead of only dreaming, I create action plans and make things happen.

I have always been the type of person who takes an idea and runs with it.  I am of the opinion that it’s better to regret the things I did rather than the things I didn’t do.

You’ll never know if something will work out until you give it a try.

The idea of Camper Van Traveler was born out of my desire to spend more time out in nature and to go places that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Ram Promaster Van
Our new van – 2017 RAM Promaster

Currently, If I want to take a photography or hiking trip, I have to either fly or drive to a place, book a hotel room, rental car, etc.  Usually I take trips like this by myself.

My goal is to create a better solution for my photography obsession and to have a way for my Wife and fur child to travel with me.  Having a home on wheels will allow us to travel together and feel comfortable knowing that we are always at home no matter where we go.

What’s more, my van can also serve as a mobile office for me since I can do my work anywhere in the world as long as I have an internet connection.

Why not just buy an RV?

Simply put, RVs are too expensive and I want something custom made for my needs.  They are also big and cumbersome and you are usually limited to parking them in RV parks.  I want something that I can stealthily park nearly anywhere in order to work, eat and get some rest.

I consider myself pretty handy and I welcome a project like this.

Of course, It will be a lot of work and I have already begun to experience the rollercoaster ride that it is going to be.  There isn’t a manual out there of how to do it so it will basically be one big experiment.  

What about you?
Do you long to see places beyond your back yard?  
Do you have a bucket list of places you’d like to travel to?
Experiences you’d like to have?

You only have ONE life to make it happen.  

What option do we have?

Do we wait until we are in our 60’s and are able to retire and have time to live these adventures?  

What if our health is failing or has failed too much to take the trip when we come to that age?  

What if we spend our whole lives working for paychecks and never get to live?

I lie awake at night thinking of such things.  I know that we only have limited time on this earth and life isn’t meant to be spent in offices or jobs all day for the majority of our lives.

Life is meant to be enjoyed as well.  For me, a camper van is the perfect way to scratch the adventure itch that I have.