What Is A Super Class B RV? 5 Examples

Class B+ RV parked in grass

If you are looking to purchase a small RV, a Class B is a great choice if you want a livable space that you can drive around. However, a Class B – also known as a camper van – can be small and may be out of the question for some people who need more space. The next obvious choice for a larger RV may be a Class C since these offer more space and amenities over what a Class B can offer.

If you are in this predicament, you may want to consider another option. The Super Class B, also known as a Class B+, is an option for those who need more size than what a smaller camper van might provide.

What is a Super Class B RV? A Super Class B RV is also referred to as a Class B+ and is an RV that is built on a large van chassis. It is larger than a standard camper van with more space and amenities. Although larger than a Class B, it is not quite as large as a Class C RV.

This article will outline some of the benefits of a Class B+ and give some examples of current models on the market. Also, when speaking of this type of RV, the name Super Class B and B+ will be interchangeable so you may see both names mentioned throughout the article.

In reality, when you look at a Class B+, what you are really looking at is a small Class C. It’s as if you took a larger Class C and shrunk it down a bit in order to have a smaller package. It’s easier to drive and get into places that you want to go. Many manufacturers will refer to these as Class C but they have become known as Class B+ (Super Class B) because they are typically a bit larger than what a typical Class B RV is.

Why Buy A Super Class B RV?

The obvious answer to this question is more space. This larger style of camper van is great for those who have families and need additional space for more people. Many of the models on the market have larger, and sometimes multiple living areas to accommodate families that need more separation.

Compare this to a smaller Class B RV and you will see quite a difference in the amount of space available.

Here are the reasons a Class B+ may be right for you.

  • You need more space. People with families who want to travel in an RV but want to keep it as small as possible may be happy with a Class B+. It’s larger than a camper van but still maintains a smaller footprint than other RVs.
  • You want more amenities. Some camper vans are nice and have great amenities but the size constraints often cause a problem. The larger size of the Super Class B allows for more amenities.
  • Class B is slightly too small. Those who like the small size of a Class B but find it to be a little too tight will appreciate the extra space of the Class B+.
  • Class C is too big. Class C RVs provide extra space but it also comes at the cost of a larger footprint. This makes it more challenging to drive and park and may limit the places you will feel comfortable going.

If you are trying to decide whether or not this type of RV is for you, check out some of the models below to get a better idea of what you can expect.

5 Examples of Super Class B RVs

2021 Leisure Travel Vans Unity RL

The Unity RL is built on the Mercedes chassis and features a rear lounge area that can make for a super comfortable experience. It also offers multiple living areas which are great if you travel with children or other family members, or friends. Although not cheap at a starting MSRP of $142,935, it is a great compromise between having a small RV and having an RV with lots of high-end amenities.

2021 Coachmen Crosstrek 20xg

The Crosstrek 20xg features quite a small footprint for the amount of living space that it provides. This is a great option for those who want an RV to remain as small as possible while providing a comfortable living area. It’s built on a Ford Transit 350 Chassis and is small enough for an easy drive but large enough for a comfortable stay.

2021 Airstream Atlas

In keeping with the luxury line of RVs that Airstream is known for, the Atlas is among one of the most luxurious Class B+ RVs on the market. Of course, you’ll pay a steep price for this luxury as the Atlas has a starting MSRP of $239,261! That’s a lot to pay for a small RV but if you have the money to spend and want the best, look no further.

2021 Renegade RV Vienna 25FWS

This RV features a full wall slide that allows the RV to open up into a much larger living space than you would have without it. The problem with this is that you will need to slide out the entire side wall in order to enjoy all the extra space. This may not always be possible depending on where you are staying for the night. Slide-outs are common in larger RVs or trailers but having a slide-out in an RV this small makes it a great choice since it adds so much more room.

Thor Gemini AWD

The Thor Gemeni is a Class B+ with lots of features and space for those looking for more elbow room. As the name suggests, it features an all-wheel drive and is the first Class B+ with this feature in the USA.

At just over 23 feet long, it’s a little longer than what you will get with a Class B. It’s built on the Ford Transit chassis. As you can see from the video above, the Gemini is roomy and can offer lots of space for small families. It offers a more comfortable experience than what you will find with a camper van which is more narrow and just won’t be able to create the larger living area that this RV does.

The exterior width of this RV is 90 inches (excluding mirrors). Compare that to the width of the Ford Transit which is 81.3 inches (excluding mirrors). As you can see, the extra 9 inches can make a difference and gives a little more room for the living area.

To top it off, the all-wheel drive is a great plus for those seeking a little more adventure. It can give you a little more capability when in inclement weather or venturing off the beaten path.

Class B+ RV Prices

One of the most important things to know when searching for an RV is how much it will set you back. RVs come in all shapes and sizes so pricing is all over the place. However, there are some ranges that you can generally expect to pay depending on the class of RV you are pursuing.

In the case of a Class B+, you can expect to pay in the range of $80,000 – $200,000+ for a brand new one. However, as with most RVs or any type of motor vehicle, the price falls off sharply for used models. You can find great deals if you choose to go the used route. A used Class B+ can often be purchased in the range of $50,000 – $130,000.. I have determined this price range based on what I found during my search for various used RVs. This will depend on the age of the used RV and the condition it is in, of course.

Before purchasing a used Class B of any type, check out the article I wrote on things to consider when buying a used camper van. Although this article applies mainly to smaller Class B RVs, it can apply to any type of RV that you are searching for.

Bottom Line

A Super Class B RV can be a great compromise between the smaller Class B and the larger Class C. Although it has the look of a Class C, it is in a smaller package and will be easier to drive and get around in. If you are looking to remain as nimble as possible while having the space to accommodate the maximum elbow room, a Class B+ is a great choice.

Small RVs can be challenging to make do with for those who require more space. However, you need not upgrade to a cumbersome model just to create a living space with more room. This type of RV will allow you to do that without the added footprint that you will find with larger types of RVs. The great thing about Class B+ RVs is that you will have a great amount of space yet it will drive like a camper van and allow you to go wherever you want to go.

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