Camper Van Shower Images

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First step in creating the shower was to create the framing. This was the difficult part and getting everything straight and square was a challenge. I also added leftover insulation inside the walls to add a little sound reduction. It helped a little but mainly it was a way for me to use leftover insulation I had.

After the shower was framed, running wires for the light and switch was next as well as adding the FRP to the walls.

Vertical view of complete van shower

After all the framing was done and most of the rest of the van was done, I added the trim and all of the parts needed to be used as a shower. I used the Extend-A-Shower to create more space by allowing me to push the shower curtain out when taking a shower. It can then be pulled back in out of the way when not in use.

Shower rod
Finished shower