Class B Motorhome Interior Height – 17 Examples

Inside a Class B RV

If you are considering a Class B motorhome, you might be concerned with the interior height of the vehicle. Since these RVs are the smallest type, you might think that they are too small inside for you to move around in comfortably.

However, many of them offer a lot of headroom for even those who are above average in height. There are many different options for Class B RVs and some of them are taller than others.

The average interior height of a Class B motorhome is around 6‘ 3“. These are generally tall enough to accommodate people with average or a little above average height. The Class B RV with the highest interior height is the Regency RV National Traveler with a height of 7′ 4″.

This was a concern of mine when I was looking for a camper van even though I am not a tall person. I am around 5′ 10″ but I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of room to move around comfortably.

I did not want the inconvenience of having to hunker down in order to move around without bumping my head on the ceiling.

I did a lot of research into how tall the interiors are of different models of camper vans. I chose to look at 17 popular models to determine the average height that I could expect from one.

I have maintained this research and it is listed below for your convenience.

Class B RV ModelInterior Height
1My Custom Converted Camper Van6′ 1.5″
2Coachhouse ARRIVA V246′ 2″
3Leisure Travel Free Spirit6′ 3″
42020 Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.06′ 6″
52020 Pleasure-Way Ascent TS6′ 3″
6Roadtrek Zion6′ 2″
7Roadtrek SS Agile6′ 3″
8Roadtrek E-Trek6′ 3″
9Thor Sequence 20L6′ 3″
10Winnebago Solis6′ 2″
11Winnebago Travato6′ 3″
122018 Chinook Bayside6′ 3″
132018 Chinook Eagle6′ 3″
142018 Chinook Countryside6′ 3″
152020 Airstream Interstate Nineteen6′ 2″
162020 Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT6′ 2.25″
17Gala RV Montecarlo 2100LX6′ 3″

According to the research of the 17 RVs I looked at, the average height is approximately 6′ 3″

Conversion Van Interior Height

My custom camper van is built using the RAM Promaster high roof version. This vehicle has an interior height of 6′ 4″ when empty but after converting the van, the height in mine is 6′ 1.5″ from front to rear, not including the bed area.

This is plenty of headroom for me and I can walk around just fine without bumping my head on anything. I can stand up straight with a few inches left to spare as you can see in the picture of me below standing in my van.

Standing up straight in camper van
Me, at 5′ 10″ standing up straight with 3.5 inches to spare

I tried to limit the amount of space I lost by putting a minimal amount of material on my ceiling and my floor. Overall, I lost about 2 inches which I consider minimal for the ceiling and flooring that I was able to install.

If you are taller than 6′ 1″, I would suggest a different van than the RAM Promaster. If you are converting a van, the Mercedes Sprinter has the most headroom of any cargo van currently on the market.

The 2019 Sprinter has an interior height of 79.1 inches which equates to around 6′ 7″ tall. You’ll lose some of this height when you add flooring and ceiling but you’ll still have plenty of headroom.

The Ford Transit high roof is another tall model. The interior height of this van reaches 6‘5“. Ford claims that it will accommodate people up to 6′ 4″, allowing them to easily and comfortably walk around. Again though, this is for an empty van and some of this interior height will be lost when you convert the empty van to a camper.

Any of these vans will provide a comfortable living area for most people. With a person of my average height (5′ 10″), all of these options would be perfect for a van conversion. I went with the van with the least amount of headroom and it is still a comfortable height for me.

For those who are looking for a professionally built Class B motorhome, let’s look at some of the best options available on the market in terms of interior height.

Class B RV With The Most Headroom

If you want a fixed roof van that can provide a lot of headroom for those who are tall, you will want to check out the Regency RV National Traveler which has an interior height of 7′ 4″ in the Tour and Explore option. This is a huge amount of space and can accommodate even the tallest of people.

Even people who are over 7 feet tall can move around comfortably in this van without having to bend over. This model can be purchased for around $90,000 which is not a bad price, considering the height that you get in this van.

This RV is built on the RAM Promaster chassis and has an additional raised roof that adds the most amount of headroom that you will find in a Class B RV.

With this additional height, you also get additional overhead storage that comes in handy for those who have a lot to storage requirements.

The National Traveler is a full-featured RV that allows you to camp in style and has all the amenities you need to enjoy your trip. No worries for tall people as they can move around easily and comfortably.

If you are a tall person over 6′ 6″ and would like to have a Class B RV, the National Traveler is the best one currently on the market.

Other Class B RV Options For A Tall Person

Another great option for a Class B RV that can accommodate a tall person is one with a pop-top on it. A pop-top can be opened up and then it opens up space to a much taller area then you would get from a standard Class B RV with a fixed roof.

One popular model on the market is the ModVans CV1. This low roof van has a pop-top that opens up and provides a huge amount of headroom. This type of space is great for those who are tall and can provide a comfortable space in which to move around.

Tall people will appreciate the extra room and space that the pop-up provides. This extra area also allows for more space and additional bedding areas.

The ModVans CV1 is priced at around $85,000 and is an option for those who want a camper that provides a great deal of headroom.

The disadvantage of this one is that it’s a low roof so the headroom is not always there. Only when the roof is popped up, will you be able to enjoy the vertical space that it provides.

Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with a low roof structure that you’ll have to bend over in so that you can move around.

This is not ideal for those looking to be stealthy. You wouldn’t be able to use a pop-up in a parking lot if you didn’t want others to know you were living inside of it.

One other model worth mentioning is the Sportsmobile Classic 4×4. This is the van for the adventurer and it provides a pop-top that adds additional headroom.

Again though, you have the same issue with the van being a low roof model so you have limited headroom unless the top is raised.

If you prefer to have a standard fixed roof van, the 2020 Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.0 was the van with the highest interior room that I personally looked at. This one is 6’6” tall.

However, this one will require that you shell out $125,000 of your hard-earned money. It’s not cheap but it’s a great option for tall people or anyone who wants more headroom to stretch out.

One like this provides ample room for the majority of people but the price is high so you would have to determine if the extra height is worth the money. Personally, I would prefer the National Traveler if I was tall and seeking a van that would be comfortable for me.

Low Roof Van Conversion

One would think that a low roof van would be out of the question for a tall person but it’s worth mentioning. Similar to the low-roof vans mentioned earlier in the article, a pop-up top can be added, making the van taller with more interior headroom.

A low roof cargo van can be purchased and then you can have one of these pop-tops added to it. A company like Sportsmobile can add a pop-top to nearly any common van model.

When opened up, these tops allow for additional headroom and are great for tall people who need the space.

Of course, these aren’t just for low roof vans but can also be added to high roof vans for additional height.

Final Thoughts

Class B motorhomes are generally not the choice for those who need the space or are looking for a tall RV. Although there are options available for those who want a Class B, another class of RV might be a better choice if headroom is an important requirement.

A Class A or Class C motorhome will usually offer more interior height but then you have to deal with an overall larger RV. One benefit of the Class B is the small size so you have to know whether or not the headroom is an absolute requirement or not.

For the person of average height, a Class B motorhome is sufficient and offers plenty of interior room to move around comfortably.

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